Business English Communication Part 1

21 Oct 2015

 Business English Communication Role Plays and Interactive Activities

This series of interactive English learning activities on Business English Communication is designed to help the learner gain fluency and confidence when speaking in English in professional situations. If you are our student then you can request your trainer to conduct this activity for you. If you are not our student yet then please fill the form at the bottom of the page linked below and we shall call you to advise the most suitable course.…/business-english-communication…/

Role Play about selection for Employee Recognition Award

Situation Description

The selection procedure for the ‘Employee of the Year’ award is more than just appreciating the competitive spirit of individuals. It involves careful analysis of every facet of the employee’s professional life. Chris and Mike, Team manager and Team Leader respectively are having one such discussion of deciding the Employee of the Year. They have shortlisted two eligible and deserving candidates. But they are not able to come to a common ground. Let’s consider the following information cards to take the discussion forward:

Business communication

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