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teaching English for social impact

We are a social enterprise. We are working towards empowering people with the ability to communicate effectively in English. In a society like ours that single skill can transform a person’s own assessment of his or her capabilities and make him or her more confident and productive in every aspect of life. In addition it also opens up better opportunities for the person that offer better pay and working conditions thus narrowing the gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’.

 Benefits of working with EnglishonPhone

When you choose to work with us we appreciate that it is a conscious call you have made towards sharing some of your gifts. We respect and recognize the same in the following ways:

  • All associates get featured on our website. If you join us you will also get featured on our website. You can proudly showcase your profile to your friends and relatives! Afterall you are making a difference and you can inspire others to do the same.
  • All associates receive a letter of appreciation describing their contribution to the organization and how their skills added value to our cause. This comes in handy in your future career growth.
  • All associates are eligible to participate in our “Associate of the quarter” contest which selects one associate from each department and rewards them for their special efforts made in that quarter. The reward includes a cash prize as well as gift vouchers and a certificate.
Careers volunteers in English teaching

Although it is said that one must do charity and forget about it and only then can one render an effective service. And yet here we are extolling the unmatched kick that you get when you are able to help someone express their thoughts more effectively and enhance their self confidence to talk to the world around them.

Well, the way we look at it is this: “If you have that inner desire to help people using the skills and resources that you have been bestowed with then teaching people to speak in English is one of the best ways to help them. And the same is validated by the sheer emotional high that both the teacher and the student feel when the student is suddenly able to carry out a conversation in English without breaking down!

Team of English speaking experts

When you work with people who are here by choice. Who are supremely talented but at the same time very magnanious and want to leverage their talent to benefit others. You can not help but pick up some fantastic skills from them like:

  • Out of the box thinking: This is our USP! We have created an innovative product (Who teaches English via phone?) solely with the help of people who are so creative that they can do things like creating a website using zero coding (yes the website you are on was created with precisely zero lines of code. All made using pre-built plugins!)
  • Strong cooperation: We excel in working congineally with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Most of our team members have never met each other face to face and yet here we are with some members having been with us for over 4 years!
  • Effective communication: Well being a communicaiton skills training company this one is kind of a given but we have taken it up several notches by using strategies like formal introductions, weekly checkins and optional webinars etc.
Teach english from home

We know there are plenty of talented individuals (especially women) like you who need to be at home for family reasons and yet they do not want to let their skills and abilities go in vain. We have the perfect systems and processes in place to provide stimulating and challenging oppotunities to such professionals who want to work from home.

Infact such is our focus on promoting opportunities for women to work from home while tending to their families that at present over 80% of our associates are women working from their homes!

Part time English teaching jobs

We offer the entire gamut of flexible work options that professionals and multi faceted youth of today desire:

  • Part time work
  • Freelance work
  • Volunteer roles
  • Project based consultant roles
  • Advisory roles

Current openings

Now hiring English and Communication Skills Trainers (Work from home)

Does teaching excite you? Do you always find yourself correcting mistakes in English made by others around you? Do you want to teach people from all over the country sitting in the comfort of your home or from any location of your choice?

If your answer is yes to all these questions then we want to talk to you. Please fill the form below and wait for our call.

Now hiring part time and full time content writers

Do you have a flair for writing? Do you have a strong grip on English grammar? Are you always yearning to build your reputation as a published writer? Do you the ability to visualize content with pictures and videos and present it in an engaging way for learners?

If your answer is yes to all these questions then we want to speak to you. Please fill the form below and wait for our call.

 Now hiring Website Design Manager

Do you have experience in web design, graphic design and wordpress? Are you always thinking about ways to creatively present content on a web page? Do you have very strong tastes in aesthetics and design of a website? Are you always yearning for an opportunity to work on a world class website and be proud to showcase it as your work?

If your answer is yes to all these questions then we want to speak to you. Please fill the form below and wait for our call.

Now hiring Digital Marketing Experts (Full time and Part time roles)

Do you have experience building brand awareness on digital media? Have you worked on campaigns where innovative word of mouth and organic strategies were successfully demonstrated? Are you looking to work on a large campaign that will establish your reputation as a digital marketer?

If your answer to all these questions is a yes then we want to speak to you. Please fill the form below and wait for our call.