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So that you can then inspire your students to speak in English and realize their full potential.

As a teacher you most likely already know the tremendous benefits that one can derive from the ability to speak confidently in English. Fortunately or unfortunately in the Indian society and the Indian job market an individual is sometimes considered only as good as their English. Thus making English speaking ability the fastest and most widely used evaluation tool.

And we all are products of this societal system, due to which day in day out we judge people’s abilities based on their English fluency and confidence. If someone can speak fluently in English then we automatically take that person seriously and our mind starts thinking of them positively.

So if there is one single skill that you must inculcate in your students to secure their future livelihood and earning potential then that skill is to be able to speak in English confidently.

Do you feel challenged in accomplishing this goal because of your own lack of confidence in English? No problem! Come and join our program and we will make sure you become a confident English speaking teacher in no time.

English in Indian Schools