English Speaking Practice Club: How to talk when meeting someone after an illness

26 Nov 2015

English speaking practice session

It is Tuesday morning and you have come to the office after a gap of three days. It was a usual weekend but you took Monday off as well because you had viral fever.

As you approach the coffee vending machine for bringing your morning coffee you run into your colleague and friend Ankit. He sees that you are not looking well and asks you how are doing and how come he did not see you for last few days. You reply saying that you had to take Monday off due to illness.

Now Ankit wants to know what happened and how did you cope up with this tough time. How will you explain to him?

This English speaking practice session will help you talk more confidently and in more fluent English when you are meeting someone after a gap and talking about something enjoyable or something challenging that you have done or experienced during that time.

1. Meeting your colleagues after the weekend: How to talk about what you did to enjoy over the weekend.
2. Meeting someone after coming back from a vacation and sharing how you enjoyed.
3. Meeting someone after recovering from an illness and explaining to them how challenging it was.
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