Post 2 – Complaints & Queries

25 Aug 2015

Verbs & Phrases that can be used with Complaint & Query

Let us look at some commonly used collocations for ‘Complaint’ & ‘Query’.

Collocations with Complaint

Verb Collocations

  • I have a complaint
  • I would like to file a complaint
  • This is to make a complaint
  • This is how you register a complaint
  • You can voice your complaint here, if you have any
  • We received a complaint today
  • We will respond to the complaints on priority
  • We handle all complaints with utmost care

Noun Collocations

  • It is a bitter complaint
  • We overlook strange complaints
  • Isn’t this complaint a little too common
  • This is an official complaint
  • We handle all our customer complaints on priority
  • Consider this as my formal complaint

Prepositional Collocations

  • This is about the recent complaint
  • This is a complaint against the neighbors
  • We received a complaint from the new employee

Collocations with Query

Noun Collocations

  • If you have absolutely any queries, please feel free to call us
  • Raise a query against the team
  • Send in your queries to this address
  • We deal with customer queries
  • We reply to the queries as soon as we can
  • Request you to respond to his query soon

Prepositional Collocations

  • Do you have any queries about today’s session
  • We received queries from all over the country about the new scheme
  • Did you receive any queries regarding the proposed plan?
  • There were a lot of queries concerning his promotion

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