English Speaking Course System

Innovative English speaking Study Notes

Most grammar and vocabulary books are written in a theoretical style which is boring and difficult to apply practically. Our study notes are the exact opposite. Before each session we share with you study notes that are concise and cover the concept of the session in a very practical way. Check the sample below to appreciate this difference yourself.

Case 1: Simple Past Tense

You are leaving your office for the day and you meet a colleague in the lift and you say:

“I attended 3 meetings today”

This is simple past tense and it conveys that “today” is over for you and you do not intend to attend any more meetings today.

Case 2: Present perfect tense

You are having lunch in your office with a colleague. The discussion veers towards meetings and you say:

“I have attended 3 meetings today”

This is present perfect tense. This conveys that “today” is not over for you yet and you may still attend more meetings.

English Writing and Speaking Tasks

See how we use WhatsApp for improving your English writing and speaking ability at a speed that is double of the normal speed of English fluency improvement!

Our process of English writing practice via WhatsApp

  1. We ask you to maintain a separate diary or notebook for your EnglishonPhone course.
  2. Before every session you receive a writing task related to the concepts being covered in that session.
  3. You need to write a paragraph in English on the given topic in your EnglishonPhone diary.
  4. You then take a picture of the paragraph after writing it and share the picture on your EnglishonPhone WhatsApp group.
  5. The trainer is also on the WhatsApp group and she corrects your writing mistakes.
  6. You also learn from the mistakes of other classmates in your group because you can see their writing submissions and their corrections.

Our process of English speaking practice via WhatsApp

  1. Before every session you receive an English speaking task related to the concepts being covered in that session.
  2. You need to speak for 2-3 minutes on the given topic.
  3. You have to use the audio message recording feature on Whatsapp and record and share your 2-3 minute speech on the given topic on our WhatsApp group.
  4. The trainer is also on the WhatsApp group and she will listen to your speech and correct your mistakes.
  5. You also learn from the mistakes of other classmates in your group because you can listen to their speaking task recordings and also benefit from their corrections.

Interactive English Speaking Activities

Interactive activities are those that require you to interact with another person in English. These activities are very helpful in building your confidence and fluency while speaking in English. They provide you an opportunity to practice the English grammar concepts and English vocabulary words and phrases you have learned.

While many English speaking courses have been using interactive activities we at EnglishonPhone have taken them to another level altogether. We follow the approach of immersive contextual learning which means that we conduct activities that simulate situations that you are likely to encounter in your real life. These can be office projects, business meetings, client presentations, market surveys etc.

English Speaking  Course Options

Business English

two-colleagues talking-in-office in english

English speaking courses for:

  • Coporate professionals
  • Govt./NGO/School employees
  • Business owners

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General English

Conversational English Speaking course

English speaking courses for:

  • Ambitious housewives
  • Those travelling abroad
  • Senior citizens

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Interview English Tips

HR job interview english tips

Interview training for:

  • Campus placement interviews
  • MBA admission interviews
  • Lateral job interviews                   

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