Speaking in English about studies

We must equip ourselves with the right grammar and vocabulary for speaking in English about studies. Are you equipped? Try the quiz below to check your level. If you get stuck anywhere you can refer to the vocabulary list provided below the quiz for help.


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Vocabulary for speaking in English about studies

Brush up on something

Meaning:  Improve your knowledge or skill in sth, especially when you have not used it for a period of time

Usage:  Please brush up on last week’s portion for the maths test on Monday.

Make sense of something

Meaning:  Manage to understand something

Usage: If you understand the theorem you will be able to make sense of the problem as well.

Keep up (with someone)

Meaning:  Make progress at the same speed as others.

Usage: I have so much to study before I keep up with the others in my class.

Sink in

Meaning:  (of information or  experiences)be remembered or understood.

Usage:  While learning something new, it takes some time for the new information to sink in.

keep your mind on something

Meaning:  Continue to concentrate on sth

Usage:  To develop skills in music or art, you have to keep your mind on it.

Pick something up

Meaning:  Learn something without making a big effort

Usage:  Once you understand the basics of a language , it is easy to pick it up.

Keep it up

Meaning:  Continue to do something as well as you are doing it now.

Usage:  ”Keep it up” said the teacher to all the participants, at the end of the elocution competition.

Rack your brains/brain

Meaning:  To try hard to remember something

Usage:  I have to rack my brains to learn all the formulae in Chemistry.

Comes back to

Meaning:  You remember it

Usage:  She was lucky that to have her memories come back to her.

On the tip of the tongue

Meaning:  You are sure you know it but can’t remember it at the moment.

Usage:  I had her name on the tip of my tongue but ended up just saying a “hi” instead of addressing her by her name.

Goes in one ear and out the other

Meaning:  To forget something quickly.

Usage:  Unless the lectures are made interesting we can be sure the students will find the information go in one ear and out the other.

Speaking activity @ WhatsApp Group

To allow our students to to practice using these new words in real life English speaking we conduct speaking activties on our Whatsapp groups of students. The speakig acitivity for this lesson is as follows:

English Speaking Task:

You have to remember your college days and think of the following types of courses:

  1. A course which had difficult concepts : Now record on our Whatsapp group one line about this course using the phrase “sink in” and share
  2. A teacher or a classmate that nobody used to listen to: Now record on our Whatsapp group one line about this person using the phrase “goes in one ear and out the other” and share

Want to become a member of EnglishonPhone English speaking practice WhatsApp group? Just fill the form below and we will add you to the group. Then you can participate in daily English speaking activities.

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Speaking in English about studies

We must equip ourselves with the right grammar and vocabulary for speaking in English about studies or training because we live in a world where we have to constantly learn new things.

  1. When you are attending a training session in your office you may have to refer to it during your team meeting etc.
  2. When you are preparing for examinations like IELTS where in the speaking test you may be asked about your experience in college classrooms or training sessions.
  3. When you are appearing for any interview you may be asked about your college days or your favorite courses etc.

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