Post 2 – Asking & Giving Directions

20 Aug 2015

Top 10 Collocations in Conversations to Ask & Give Directions

In the last post we discussed some phrases that can be used to ask and give directions. They were in the form of collocations. Now, we will see how to incorporate those in our daily conversations.

Conversation 1

Sarah: Hi Asher, Can you please tell me how to get to your house?

Asher: How are you travelling, car or bus?

Sarah: I am driving down by car.

Asher: Please tell me the easiest route to your address?

Sarah: Okay. After you cross the traffic signal at the post office, take a right and come towards Walmart

Asher: Walmart? Can you spell that for me?

Sarah: W A L M A R T

Asher: Thanks

Sarah: Alright, then turn left at the roundabout and then drive down for another 1km. Then take the first right my house is on the left next to a hospital.

Asher: Is that the easiest way of getting to your house?

Sarah: Yes, it is.

Asher: Okay. I will see you soon. Thanks.

Conversation 2

John: Hello Anne. Please tell me how do I get to your house?

Anne: Are will you coming by car or bus?

John: I will be travelling by car.

Anne: Okay, that should not take you too long. Take route 6 at the metro junction

John: Which junction?

Anne: The one on the east.

John: Thanks

Anne: OK, then turn left at the traffic post and take the second lane.  My house is right across the food mall.

John: Is that the quickest way of getting to your house?

Anne: Yes, it is the quickest way by car.

John: Can you please draw me a map, as  I am not very familiar with this place. I am from the countryside

Anne: Sure, I will draw a map and send it across to you right away by email.

John: Thank you so much.

Anne: You are welcome.

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