Post 3 – Asking Prices, Time & Distance

18 Aug 2015

Top 25 Collocations in Conversations to Ask Time, Distance & Cost

In our last two posts we discussed question words and some typical terms used in conversations to ask time, distance & cost. Today’s post has 25 collocations used in asking time, distance & cost in 2 different conversations. This should give you a good idea to incorporate these into your daily conversations.

Around midday on Saturday, Chloe plans to meet Patricia for some work. But she has very little time. Patricia stays in a remote town. Chloe will have to cover quite a distance. Also, it will be an expensive affair. She decides to call Patricia and asks for pointers to get to her house as soon as possible.

Chloe: Hi Patricia, I was wondering if I can come to see you to discuss the project that we are working on.

Patricia: Sure, What time are you planning on coming?

Chloe: I am at home right now. How much time do you think it will take if I leave right away?

Patricia: It should take about half an hour if you are planning to walk

Chloe: Yes, I guess I will walk the stretch. What is the best route to get to your house?

Patricia: Okay. After you cross the junction, keep going straight for about a mile. Go straight on till you see a hospital, then turn right.

Chloe: How can I get to the local market? How far is that from the hospital?

Patricia: After the hospital, when you turn right. You will see a roundabout, the market is right there. It is about a km from the hospital

Chloe: I think I understood the directions and have a good estimate of the time it will take me to cover the distance.

Patricia: I think after you reach the market, hire a rickshaw to my house, to save time.

Chloe: I guess I will do that. How much is the rickshaw fare to your house?

Patricia: It should not be a lot. It should cost you about 40/-

Chloe: Thank you so much, this conversation helped me a lot. I will see you in about an hour.

Patricia: Sure, looking forward to seeing you.

Conversation 2

Stranger 1: Excuse me, what is the time?

Stranger 2: It is almost 8

Stranger 1: Can you tell me the exact time please?

Stranger 2: It is 2 minutes to 8

Stranger 1: Also, do you know how much will it cost me to get to the station?

Stranger: It will cost you 20/-

Stranger 1: Thank you

In our next post we will see the common errors that people make when asking time, distance & cost in conversations.