Post 3 – Business Verbs & Expressions

13 Aug 2015

4 examples of using Business Verbs & Expressions in conversations.

In our last post we discussed quite a few examples with verbs & expressions used in business communication. Today we will look at how we can implement all that we have learnt so far in a business or work setting.


Conversation 1

Matt: The decreasing sales are not a good sign. Who is responsible for this?

Sally: I can carry out an analysis as soon as possible

Matt: I want you to take over the responsibility of meeting the sales team regularly

Sally: But isn’t that something that she does

Joe:  She will be on leave and so will be stepping down from that role temporarily.

Sally: Alright, I will look into it.

Conversation 2

Caller: Could you give me your account number please?

Customer: Sure, make a note of the number, it is Ab147852

Caller: How can I help you?

Customer: I would like to ask a question about my electricity bill. The bill was too high, there seems to be a problem

Caller: Let me check that for you.

Customer: Okay, I have another incoming call; I will have to hang up. Can you please call me back?

Caller: Sure, I will.

Conversation 3

Stan: Hi everyone, I have an announcement to make

Lynn: Is this about what we were all eagerly waiting for, our salary hike?

Stan: No, not about that yet. We did well last month. So we are giving away some gifts to our employees. Your efforts have paid off.

Everyone: Thank you!

Stan: We will be throwing a party to celebrate the success. See you all at the party.

Conversation 4

Joe: Hi Mary, will you do me a favour?

Mary: What would you like me to do?

Joe: Can you please deposit a cheque on your way back. You will have to key in a pin since you are going on my behalf

Mary: Can I drop it off tomorrow?

Joe: I guess that will do.

In our next post we will see some common errors that people make when using collocations in business conversations

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