Post 4 – Asking Prices, Time & Distance

18 Aug 2015

Top 7 Common Errors People Make when Asking Questions about Time, Distance & Cost

  • Asking multiple questions at one go: You should remember to ask one question at a time. Also, give time for the person to think & wait for the response. Asking too many questions at one go would confuse the person and may not generate the response you are expecting.
  • Asking a question and assuming the answer: This point in a way echoes the previous point. It is wise to wait for the response & do not assume the answer. The person may become impatient and may lose interest in answering any of your questions
  • Asking questions that are not relevant: Your questions should be framed in a manner that leads to the desired answer. So, be very specific and ask questions that are relevant to the topic
  • Being repetitive with your questions: Some times in a desperate attempt to gain answers you may end up asking the same questions repeatedly. Ensure you ask one question at a time and each should be distinct enough to lead you to the answer
  • Asking questions in an imposing manner: Asking questions is not your birth right. It is not an obligation for anyone to answer your questions, so it is imperative that you are polite all through the process of your communication and ensure that you genuinely thank the person after you receive all the responses
  • Failing to Probe: Probing is an important skill as far as questioning techniques are concerned. It simply means to ask relevant questions that will eventually generate responses that you are seeking. Also, asking open ended questions will help you probe effectively
  • Ignoring answers: In some cases, you may be so preoccupied in thinking about your next question that you miss out on the answers. So it is critical that you listen very carefully.

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