I am an EnglishonPhone student

"I learn English on phone from the best trainer!"

I am an EnglishonPhone trainer

"I teach English on phone to the best students!"

I am a teacher in a low budget school

"EnglishonPhone has given me free English training and made me confident!"

Business English

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English speaking courses for:

  • Corporate professionals
  • Govt./NGO/School employees
  • Business owners

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General English

Conversational English Speaking course

English speaking courses for:

  • Ambitious housewives
  • Those travelling abroad
  • Senior citizens

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Interview English Tips

HR job interview english tips

Interview training for:

  • Campus placement interviews
  • MBA admission interviews
  • Lateral job interviews

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Our English speaking course system

English speaking course material

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English speaking ability depends heavily on your ability to make effective use of English grammar and vocabulary. But most grammar and vocabulary books are written in a theoretical style which is boring and difficult to apply practically. Our study notes are the opposite. Read more

English speaking tasks

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English tasks

Are English speaking and writing skills interconnected? Yes they certainly are. That is why in our courses we put a very strong emphasis on improving both English speaking as well as English writing. Want to know how? Read more

interactive english speaking activities

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While many English speaking courses have been using interactive activities we at EnglishonPhone have taken them to another level altogether. Want to know how we conduct these activities? Read more

English course student testimonials

Parasaram Madar, Asst. Commissioner, Bidar

Karanataka Administrative Service

Parasaram started his career 10 years ago as a school teacher in north Karnataka. Being an ambitious person Parasaram prepared for civil services examination and got selected in the KAS. He was doing very well in his career and his only shortcoming was his lack of command on English.

He joined EnglishonPhone and sincerely attended all his sessions with our expert trainers. Now he is confident and speaks fluently in English.

Rajesh Pant, BTech IIT Roorkee

Executive Engineer, World Bank Project

Rajesh is an alumnus of the prestigious IIT Roorkee. Due to his strong technical knowledge he was posted as a procurement expert in the Disaster Management and Recovery project sponsored by World Bank in Uttarakhand. This project required him to communicate with international stakeholders thus demanding very high levels of English fluency and confidence.

He joined EnglishonPhone and sincerely attended all his sessions with our expert trainer. Now he is confident and speaks fluently in English.

Dr Vini Rastogi, MBBS, MD Peadiatrics

Senior Doctor, Govt. Hospital Faridabad

Dr Vini Rastogi is a highly experienced MBBS and MD Child Specialist. She hails from a humble background and due to her sheer hard work has been very successful in life. She always felt that her English communication is weak due to her background.

She joined EnglishonPhone.com English speaking course and now she is a confident English speaker.